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free oleanders

Dug up oleander plants in someone’s garden that were advertised for free on craigslist. The family who had just bought the adjacent house was worried that the toxic oleander leaves would harm their kids and dogs. After several hours of hard work 12 pink oleander plants line the pedestrian walk way alongside the property. An attempt in drought-resistant landscaping: I always admire the colorful oleanders found in California’s highway dividers. They flourish yet no-one ever seems to water them, or do they?


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frontyard picnics

I bought a wooden picnic bench today (the type they have in state parks). Now everyday will feel like camping with breakfast and dinner in the frontyard. Culture puzzlement: Why does nobody else have meals (or even just coffee) out front given the perfect California weather combined with the beautiful maintained front lawns?

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an old fig tree

the most prized feature of the house is the mature fig tree in the backyard. it produces figs like crazy. i easily harvested 10 pounds of figs today. to keep up with the harvest i bought a bunch of canning jars and the first batch of fig jam is bubbling in a big pot on the stove. yum. there are also a young lemon and a semi-mature orange tree. they look and smell nice but their production qualities are yet to be determined. the 3 trees form a good base for starting an urban farm.

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