building raised beds

Before dad returns to Germany I use his help to build raised beds. All the materials are recycled and free. They are:

  • four reused pressure-treated 2 by 8 boards of 12 and 13 foot in length (free off craigslist)
  • several old and weathered beams of various size and length (found next to the curb)

Putting the frames together was easy. The harder part was leveling the ground and filling the beds. The excess top soil in my yard is sandy and full of stones but I hope mixing in enough horse poop will give decent soil. At the ranch where Karleen keeps her horse we load up my Vibe with as many buckets and boxes of horse manure as fit. After two trips (each time being literally “full of shit”) we have a solid 5 inch layer of poop. The rest gets filled with excess top soil. Next? Picking out the stones, covering the beds with straw, and planting a cover crop (Fava beans?) to prepare the soil for planting in spring.

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    Heather D. said,

    What do Livermore neighbours think of your chickens? There has been a hullabaloo in Halifax the past couple of years when urban folk got a chicken or two and then neighbours getting the chickens evicted because the “attract rodents”. So sad.


    • 2

      downtownfarm said,

      Fortunately the city of Livermore allows people to have chickens given that certain rules are followed. The rules are enforced via inspections of animal control officers, which is why one needs to apply for an animal fancier’s permit as detailed (along with the rules) in the municipal code.

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