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fruit salad trees

got three more fruit trees from alden lane nursery. one is a persimmon. the other two are heavily grafted to bear different fruits: a 4-in-1 pluot with promising names such as “flavor grenade”, “geo pride”, “splash”, and “emerald drop” and a 5-in-1 fruit salad with “babcock peach”, “blenheim apricot”, “fantasia nectarine”, “santa rosa plum”, and “july elberta peach”.


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refinishing a butcher block

before heading to culebra (actually on the way to the airport) i picked up another craigslist freebie: an old butcher block. after two hours of work (sanding off the top and treating it with bleach) it looks like new. a great addition to my kitchen.

ps: the nice guy who gave away the butcher block also rents out his cabin in arnold.

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propagating my fig tree

In July and again in October I have had two plentiful fig harvests. Now the leaves are gone and I prune the many shoots growing near the base of the tree. Those cuttings can apparently be used to start small fig trees. After reading up on fig tree propagation I try various ways suggested on the Interwebs.

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