propagating my fig tree

In July and again in October I have had two plentiful fig harvests. Now the leaves are gone and I prune the many shoots growing near the base of the tree. Those cuttings can apparently be used to start small fig trees. After reading up on fig tree propagation I try various ways suggested on the Interwebs.

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    ryan said,

    Yay! I was just going to ask you about how they are coming out. Our little sprig is finally sprouting new leaf growth!

    What technique is working the best for you?

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      downtownfarm said,

      The ones that do best are the smallest twigs (picture # 2) and the medium-length horizontal twigs (in the container and in the planters). The largest cutting that are sticking vertically in the large pots (seen in pictures # 5 & 6) don’t show any sign of life. So I started a few more horizontal ones in clear plastic containers (like in picture # 1 & 3).

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    Daniel said,

    Great info and pictures. Just what I was looking for. We have several fig trees on the farm, but nothing close to the house. I will try to grow some new trees from cuttings this Spring.

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