meeting Tom’s bees

Tom (a fellow “urban farmer” from Pleasanton) gave us a bee tour and some hands-on experience on what beekeeping is all about: we got to open one of his hives and inspect several frames. I was amazed how friendly and calm the bees were. Sure … being in the protective suit was reassuring but it did not really seem necessary. The bees were busy doing their thing and showed no aggressive behavior whatsoever. There was something truly magical about handling those bee-loaden frames. I am so looking forward to get my own hive.

I got to know Tom who maintains a website on bee-lining (a neat GIS & bees mash-up) through Linda Schneider who is running a visionary non-profit to create self-sustaining communities in El Cerrito.

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    Karleen said,

    bzzzz….. i’m getting on your email list.

  2. 2

    Matt said,

    I’m a backyard beekeeper in the Vintage Hills area of Pleasanton, CA, and member of the MDBA.

    The bee tracking lines on your aerial view seem to lead directly to my hive. Perhaps the 3# pkg of bees I lost a couple of summers ago found a new home nearby. I’d like to share what I’ve been doing with you and learn more about your efforts.

    • 3

      downtownfarm said,

      matt, i’ll forward your comments to Tom who (together with his daughter) are the bee-lining experts in the Pleasanton area. maybe he can help you get your bees back … (-;

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