the run

Adding the run to the tractor gives the chickens much more room … and much more visibility. Chickens seem to make people happy. They are like puppy dogs. Whenever people notice them they start to smile. Obviously they are popular with the kids in the neighborhood. I already got to meet some parents (dragged to my fence by their kids) whom I would have probably not talked to otherwise. I also had some neighbors who walked over to my place just so that the children of their visitors could look at the chickens.

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    […] February 26, 2010 · Filed under backyard chicken, downtownfarm, frontyard, frontyard chicken, urban farm Everyone writes about backyard chicken. But the frontyard chicken that has a much bigger positive impact on creating community in our neighborhood. I experienced this first hand in my Etna house days. Whenever the chickens were in front of the house people (who would otherwise just have walked by) would stop, look, smile, and start a conversation. I had the same experience here at 1917 Chestnut. […]

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    […] Thanks, Martin, for taking the time to have a chat with GeoHipster! Tell us about your ideas on “Front yard chickens”. Chickens are so awesome. We’ve heard that your chickens were about to be equipped with lasers. […]

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