fruit salad trees in bloom

Spring is here. The newly planted fruit salad trees are coming to live. Every day downtownfarm looks prettier with all the new flowers blooming everywhere. The bees are working hard to collect pollen and nectar to feed their babies. HEY! How did the chicken get into my car?

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    Maria said,

    A friend just told me about your blog. Nice to see more like minded folks in Livermore. I too live downtown and we have ‘Buc Buc Organic Gardens’ filled with chickens, fruit trees, garden beds and a design in hand for a California native garden. We have been plugging away for 6 years but have sooo much more to do..enjoy hearing about your work.

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      downtownfarm said,

      Maria … I am so excited to hear about your Buc Buc Organic Gardens. In downtown Livermore? That is great. I thought I was all alone here. (-:
      Can I come visit sometime? I am very new to all this and have a lot to learn! I could profit from your experience when starting up the new downtownfarm location.

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