the men who snuggle with goats

I meet Larry at Denver airport and we hit it off instantly: we are both excited about our chickens—green love! Larry gets off the shuttle early because he wants to tell me about Sundari. His wife eventually picks him up at the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast where I am staying. Two days later Dave offers me a ride to Sundari’s place during a conference break. The 30 minutes there make me really happy. I only met Larry because they had messed up his airport shuttle reservation. We are still trying to figure out who “they” was …

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    iamteocalli said,

    Talking about pure joy…there is nothing like hanging out and just sun bathing with my 5 beautiful goats…2 are just babies born last Tuesday…and thanks to Mother Nature…we’ve had freezing temperatures in the past few weeks…and was so afraid the babies won’t make it…but they are fine…the sun has been shinning since the day they born! 2 Billies…Billy Boy and Billy Blue…whose Mom and Dad are Bluebell and Billy. There is also Genie with them! Pure joy and peace is what they bring!

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    Christina Kekic said,


    This is so sweet and these goats are so cute!!!

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