following the grey bunny

The days in Denver have been so elating that I am emotionally exhausted. A friend suggests a calming experience: the Holistic Living Expo in San Jose. After a grounding meal at her parent’s house I surround myself with the very folk that I have been mocking for years. I am still skeptical … but after the events of the past few weeks I am at least open to the possibility. It feels like the Matrix (or rather the Meatrix): I bargain “the oracle” down by $5 (I am still cheap). I told her my name, date/time/place of birth, that I am employed in a nuclear weapons lab, that a life-change is ahead, and made sure she did not use google. She told me this. Draw your own conclusion (if you care) but I start looking forward to meet Trinity. Have I met her already? Pace yourself, Martin! Baby steps got you here and there is no point in starting to run now …


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