power to the coffee people

Tommie’s cafe at the wonderful public library in Livermore makes yummy sandwiches and pours high-quality McLaughlin coffee. It became a wonderful example of how an outspoken sustainable (aka “annoying”) customer can encourage a business to become more green:  Every time I went there for a cup of coffee I would purposefully leave my travel mug in the car and ask for a reusable cup. Every time I would end up walking back to my car to get my own mug—with a big, emotionally manipulative “sigh”.  Usually the baristas would only charge me for a small coffee to make up for my “inconvenience”. Until today when they were all smiles pointing at a new sign that was  advertising Tommie’s “House” mugs. A few weeks earlier I had a chat with the owner about offering at least one sustainable coffee with the result that “Sumatra Organic” has entered the six-coffee line-up. One more problem: the open ceramic mugs are not welcome inside the library. Tommie …?


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    Allison said,

    What a great idea! Persistence pays off. I will remember this and complement Tommie’s when I buy coffee at the library. Allison

  2. 2

    Tom said,

    I haven’t heard from you in a while. Good to see you’re up & running again! Would love to catch up with you you over coffee at my little urban farm here in Pleasanton. Take care! — Tom

    • 3

      downtownfarm said,

      Tom. I’d love to stop by soon but courtesy of the INS that won’t be too soon. When I lost my job at over health-related mattered LLNL I was instantly in “illegal alien” status and experienced the full brunt of procedure-following Homeland Security ICE agents. I was detained for more than 4 month in various county jails under often very abusive conditions before they deported me to Germany. The American tax payer has NO IDEA what kind of injustice (at horrendous federal TAX dollar expenses) happens to unfortunate green-card holders and illegal (but happily tolerated) low-income workers in the moment they take the slightest step out of line … accidental or not.

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