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sustainable decoration

Alden Lane nursery is giving away hundreds of sweet pie pumpkins. I load up the Vibe with tens of pumpkins and use them to decorate my house seasonally (hours before dad and Martina arrive). Eventually the decorations will all be eaten and any remains composted. We are talking pumkpin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin curry, roasted pumpkin seeds, …


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compost in the gutters

Scraping many buckets of partly decomposed leaves out of my gutters I got to know all the bugs and spiders that live in the neighborhood. It was also a good way to start off the new compost pile.

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building a compost box from pallets

Today I built a giant and sturdy compost box from four wooden pallets that had been dumped on the curb just a few blocks from here. I even reused the nails. The wood is not treated and will eventually rot but it should last a couple of years (unlike the practically decomposed cardboard box that I had been collecting food scraps in).

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