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refinishing a butcher block

before heading to culebra (actually on the way to the airport) i picked up another craigslist freebie: an old butcher block. after two hours of work (sanding off the top and treating it with bleach) it looks like new. a great addition to my kitchen.

ps: the nice guy who gave away the butcher block also rents out his cabin in arnold.


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craigslist treasures

Last night i picked up 4 wooden planks in san ramon that someone was giving away for free on craigslist. Eventually those will become the sides of my raised beds. To fit the 13 foot planks into my vibe I had to leave the back window open. I attached my headlamp in red-blinking-mode to the end of the planks because there was a 4 foot overhang. Fortunately it was late and there was little traffic on I-580. Craigslist is such an amazing resource for finding recycled materials.

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sustainable decoration

Alden Lane nursery is giving away hundreds of sweet pie pumpkins. I load up the Vibe with tens of pumpkins and use them to decorate my house seasonally (hours before dad and Martina arrive). Eventually the decorations will all be eaten and any remains composted. We are talking pumkpin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin curry, roasted pumpkin seeds, …

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free oleanders

Dug up oleander plants in someone’s garden that were advertised for free on craigslist. The family who had just bought the adjacent house was worried that the toxic oleander leaves would harm their kids and dogs. After several hours of hard work 12 pink oleander plants line the pedestrian walk way alongside the property. An attempt in drought-resistant landscaping: I always admire the colorful oleanders found in California’s highway dividers. They flourish yet no-one ever seems to water them, or do they?

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sell hot & buy cold

I sold the left-behind GE electric water heater to a guy who wants to build it into a unit that provides hot water at music festivals. A few hours later I used the freshly earned $100  to buy an apartment-sized and reasonably energy-efficient fridge. Craigslist rocks. I moved the fridge in my little Vibe. It rocks too.

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