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baby chickens

The first real step towards urban farm life comes at the affordable price of $2.50 a chick at Alamo Hay and Grain. The four girls cheesecake, pumpkin (two rhode island reds), penguin, and omelet (two barred rocks) enjoy their new home: a light bulb heated cardboard box in the living room. Once they have eaten the entire 25 lb bag of chick feed they will be big enough to move into a chicken coop in the front yard. But wait … there is no coop yet.

(one week later: they are nearly double the size)


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the joy of home ownership

closing after less than a month i am doing my part to help obama out of the housing crisis: a 922 sqft 3 bed 1 bath foreclosed house on a 5000 sqft lot close to downtown Livermore. with five coffee shops, a trader joes, two farmers markets, and a grocery outlet in walking distance it has a great walkscore and is an easy bike ride from work. but best of all … it has great potential for turning into an “urban farm”.


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