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Barrel Tasting weekend in Livermore

My friends sometimes ask me: “Why are you so obsessively happy in Livermore?”  and the Barrel Tasting weekend was an adequate way to answer their question. It was a wonderful sunny spring weekend in Livermore and we visited many boutique wineries in the vicinity. An old proverb says “Always make friends with someone who pours wine by the barrel.” and another goes “An empty barrel makes the most friends.” or something like that … We made plenty of friends including Larry and his wife, the owners of Cuda Ridge, and Dane, the owner of Page Mill, while helping them to empty their barrels. One question remained: “Can one bad worm spoil the whole barrel?”


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frontyard picnics

I bought a wooden picnic bench today (the type they have in state parks). Now everyday will feel like camping with breakfast and dinner in the frontyard. Culture puzzlement: Why does nobody else have meals (or even just coffee) out front given the perfect California weather combined with the beautiful maintained front lawns?

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