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fruit salad trees in bloom

Spring is here. The newly planted fruit salad trees are coming to live. Every day downtownfarm looks prettier with all the new flowers blooming everywhere. The bees are working hard to collect pollen and nectar to feed their babies. HEY! How did the chicken get into my car?


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in my car with 30000 girls

Scott & Nicole & I drive from Santa Cruz to Aptos to pick up a bee hive containing a 6 lb swarm that beekeeper Tom caught last week. Driving back up the highway with 30,000 girls in my pontiac vibe is a unique experience. I have never been so alert for pot-holes and speed-bumps before. Tim and Jessica help me place the hive. Next morning at 9 am nobody is out—still too cold. At 11 am a gentle hum fills the air – the bees are orienting themselves at the new location. I let a few bees land on my hand. They are so docile. They do have an unusual color range: some are golden yellow, others are dark brown.

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sell hot & buy cold

I sold the left-behind GE electric water heater to a guy who wants to build it into a unit that provides hot water at music festivals. A few hours later I used the freshly earned $100  to buy an apartment-sized and reasonably energy-efficient fridge. Craigslist rocks. I moved the fridge in my little Vibe. It rocks too.

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