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the biggest bee in town

Everyone surely knowns by now that we at downtownfarm find that honey bees are cute and – if careful – a lot of fun. Imagine how hard I had to laugh when I saw the farm house “dressed up” as a honey bee by the termite company. (-:

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the farm house

Traditionally Livermore has been a farm town. But currently the downtown shows few signs of its rich agricultural past. Soon downtownfarm will move to 2410 Second Street and bring happy farm-life back to Livermore. Local students will help us to create the most beautiful urban farm in America. We will also develop cutting-edge LIDAR technology behind the Bay window of the farm house and show-case it with chickens, goats, and organic vegetable beds. This will be so irresistibly beautiful & educational … you will copy us (or so we hope).


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the men who snuggle with goats

I meet Larry at Denver airport and we hit it off instantly: we are both excited about our chickens—green love! Larry gets off the shuttle early because he wants to tell me about Sundari. His wife eventually picks him up at the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast where I am staying. Two days later Dave offers me a ride to Sundari’s place during a conference break. The 30 minutes there make me really happy. I only met Larry because they had messed up his airport shuttle reservation. We are still trying to figure out who “they” was …

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it’s really happening

On a beautiful Saturday morning I meet Dan at 2410 Second Street at 9am. He has been managing this house for many years before eventually owning it. He is intimately familiar with all the little quirks and details of this historic and cute piece of 1894 Victorian architecture. After a detailed tour we open escrow. Afterwards I show Dan the original downtownfarm. It all still seems like a dream …

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downtown expansion

Great news! The downtownfarm is expanding into the core of downtown Livermore. This evening I went into contract on another downtown property – an amazing 1894 Queen Anne Victorian. That means that there will be opportunities for like-minded folks to join this urban farm adventure and move into either location.

Dan my Realtor is busy preparing all the paperwork right now. He—a long-term Livermore downtown resident—shares my excitement to create an advocating example of green living.

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