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sell hot & buy cold

I sold the left-behind GE electric water heater to a guy who wants to build it into a unit that provides hot water at music festivals. A few hours later I used the freshly earned $100  to buy an apartment-sized and reasonably energy-efficient fridge. Craigslist rocks. I moved the fridge in my little Vibe. It rocks too.


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moving into an emtpy house

there is nothing in the house but an oven range (that was put in for show by the sellers agent) and an electric water heater (that was ripped out of the garage). the previous owner had turned the garage into an one bedroom house (without city permits) that he rented out to help cover the ever rising sub prime mortgage payments. the city inspector made the bank convert the garage back before the sale. i asked the contractor to leave the electric water heater behind. i also asked them to leave me the nail and screw prodded 2 by 4s that were holding up the drywalls. one day i will use them to build a chicken coop.

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the joy of home ownership

closing after less than a month i am doing my part to help obama out of the housing crisis: a 922 sqft 3 bed 1 bath foreclosed house on a 5000 sqft lot close to downtown Livermore. with five coffee shops, a trader joes, two farmers markets, and a grocery outlet in walking distance it has a great walkscore and is an easy bike ride from work. but best of all … it has great potential for turning into an “urban farm”.


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