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a love potion as organic pest control

Driving up North Vasco Road to Brentwood is a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday springtime morning: white wind mills, green soft hills, family farms, cattle, goats, and orchards in bloom. For the annual blossom festival farmer Al of Frog Hollow Farm was giving us a tour of his organic fruit orchards. For pest control he uses a special “love potion” that prevents the moths from mating: from every tree hangs a little plastic envelope that is filled with female pheromones. When the male moths arrive there is an intense smells of female everywhere but they cannot find a single one. Poor male moths … I know exactly how you feel.


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fruit salad trees in bloom

Spring is here. The newly planted fruit salad trees are coming to live. Every day downtownfarm looks prettier with all the new flowers blooming everywhere. The bees are working hard to collect pollen and nectar to feed their babies. HEY! How did the chicken get into my car?

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fruit salad trees

got three more fruit trees from alden lane nursery. one is a persimmon. the other two are heavily grafted to bear different fruits: a 4-in-1 pluot with promising names such as “flavor grenade”, “geo pride”, “splash”, and “emerald drop” and a 5-in-1 fruit salad with “babcock peach”, “blenheim apricot”, “fantasia nectarine”, “santa rosa plum”, and “july elberta peach”.

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